Gorski Kotar and Lika

Gorski Kotar forms a part of Primorje–Gorski Kotar County. It is a region of forests and mountains located between two large central cities, Rijeka and Zagreb. The centre of Gorski Kotar is the town of Delnice. Gorski Kotar abounds in natural attractions, and Risnjak National Park is located here.

Lika is a region in central Croatia. It belongs to Lika–Senj County, and the largest town in the region is Gospić. Lika is the place where the continental and coastal parts of Croatia meet, and as such is extremely important for transport. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is located in Lika.

Due to their natural beauty, Gorski Kotar and Lika hide considerable potential for tourism.

Discover the properties we offer in this region.

ID: 15004-1
123.600,00 €
Fužine - Lič - Detached house - sale
Total area: 160,00 m²
Rooms: 4
Floors: gf,fir
ID: 14398-1
415.000,00 €
Jelenje - Dražice - Detached house - sale
Total area: 400,00 m²
Rooms: 2
Floors: gf,hlo
ID: 14285-1
90.000,00 €
Čabar - Crni Lazi - Detached house - sale
Total area: 100,00 m²
Rooms: 2
Floors: gf,att
ID: 13873-1
85.000,00 €
Čabar - Tršće - Detached house - sale
Total area: 300,00 m²
Rooms: 2
Floors: gf,fir,sec
ID: 12097-1
159.650,00 €
Ravna gora - Stari Laz - Residential-commercial property - sale
Total area: 360,00 m²
Rooms: 6
Floors: cel,fir,hlo